Q: I purchased your software, how do I get the license?

A: After purchasing open the software, click on the License Menu at the top and choose Update License it will prompt you for your email address again and after entering your email address it will obtain the license from the license server.


Q: I have installed a new version and I'm having strange issues. How can I resolve that?

A: Try the following Go to windows then Settings from the top menu. In settings click reset all settings. This will close the software after resetting everything. At that point open the software again and it should have resolved these issues.


Q: What makes this software worth 49$?

A: Try it and use the G-Code Generator and Simple CAD, and you decide after that!


Q: How does the tool change feature work on an SO3?

A: It works very well. Once tool change is detected in the program it pauses, at that time you can Jog as needed and change the tool, you can even re-set the Zero manually or use a touch off plate.


 Q: In Simple CAD how did you draw an ellipse / circle?

A: Add a Simple Shape and for the number of sides simply type a large number like 3000. When a shape has 3000 sides the angles become so small that it forms a circle with 3000 points. You can go as high as you would like but for a 30" diameter circle, you would never need more then about 3016. To explain this, 30 inches times Pi = 94.25 inches circumference (the outside of the circle if stretched to a straight line). If you record a point for every 32nd of an inch you get 3016 points! Since the diameter of the bit is normally 1/8" or larger, you will never see the points as it cuts through them.


 Q: How often is there updates?

A: That has no real answer at the moment. I may go through a few in a week and then maybe it takes 3 weeks for another one. There has been times it takes months of effort before a release is made. But rest assured if there is a BUG and you send me information about such a bug, I will work to fix it and release that ASAP if possible.


Q: How long does it really take to draw a sign in Simple CAD and cut it?

A: I have made simple signs within less then 10 minutes! Really it's that easy!